For real… who gives a damn about easter?
I always thought the best about these holidays is the fact that I don’t have to work.
Well, this year showed me it is about more than just having some free time.
In all the years BC (before Corona) my family would gather during the Easter days. On Saturday the whole family sits together for about 4 hours and paints eggs as if we were part of an elementary school arts class, just to prepare for the ultimate Easter highlight – Easter Sunday, the egg hunt combined with the egg fights right after. While my mum prepares the most amazing breakfast for about two hours, my dad is outside hiding eggs in our garden for at least the same time maybe even more, because he melts every egg in its surrounding environment. The only difference between the last time and 20 years ago is that us kids are not wearing PJ’s anymore but proper shirts and dresses.
So picture this: three to six people aged 25-34 fancily dressed are running, almost sprinting to get to an egg before the other one. At least half of us were still drunk (if not all) from our legendary German easter fires the day before. My brother would push me in the closest bush just to get his fingers on an egg before me. My sister shoves here husbands quite roughly because she notices an egg close to him before he even saw it. While I slide between the legs of my pregnant sister-in-law who almost moves like an elephant (just joking) and basically steps on an egg without feeling it.
This is not fun, if I didn’t know better, I would say this is the scenery in which separation thoughts occur. It is almost like Michael Jordan said, we took it all personally. We give everything we have, just to have more eggs than the others… and you do not believe me how much fun this is.

Well, every tradition comes somehow to an end and this year was the first time in which we did not do it due to our beloved Corona. I could tell you now how much I hate Corona and how sick I am of it, but you probably feel the same…

I took this beautiful event for granted, when I thought about Easter I thought about free time and not about my amazing family wrestling each other to the ground with the sole goal of getting to an egg before the other one… man I love my family.
Every bad situation always has a silver lining, mine is that next year I’m going to enjoy this time of the year even more, because I realized how much joy it actually gives me and all of us.
If you think that is the main message is that we are going to be more appreciative about parts of our life we took for granted for far too long, you have it partially right, because I also would like to share with you how amazing it is to allow ourselves being a kid again.