I have been in Australia for almost 3 month. It has been a very diverse time, with many ups and downs. But as you all should know me, it’s just a matter of time when I’m up again…

I would like to share so many stories and so much new knowledge, honestly I barely know where to start. Before we get in too deep, this month is going to be a light and shallow story.

On Instagram I encountered multiple times a question, which somehow follows me ever since. How many 5 year olds could you fight off? Most people said 75-100, people came up with the niftiest ways of defending themselves using nothing but their body and the 5 year olds… my favourite solution was kicking the first, taking it by the feet and just start turning as long as kids are coming. Pretty smart isn’t it ?
You must think now, wow what the fuck is this dude doing with his time – or even worse does he even have a heart? One of the main reasons why I think about it so much, is the fact that competitions with 5year olds for me
are basically daily business. Now this sounds also quiet weird doesn’t it ? In Sydney I live in a suburb surrounded by families (Maroubra), and apparently basketball is more popular that I thought, I ended up playing with and against kids all the time. But this still doesn’t perfectly entangle the situation. One of the main reasons why I am in Australia is to explore the infinite number of marsupials and weird creatures only this continent can offer like Platypus or echidnas. I don’t know why, but I guess adults are not as crazy and excited about animals anymore….
Whenever I see a kangaroo, a wombat, a koala or whatever kind of godlike cuteness this Land has to offer, I’m in full sprint mode and I mean seriously full sprint mode. Wherever there is the slightest chance I run, push, shove, trip, trick, to be the first one on scene…my competitors? 5 year olds… last week when encountering a Wombat, this kid bit my leg so hard, I had a decision to make… the kids life or not seeing that Wombat….

Check my Instagram page for the most recent picture of me with a wombat:)