Music has been a big part of my life ever since being a little kid. I can hardly remember a day when the radio wasn’t already blaring in the background early in the morning. I may have been half asleep, but I still noticed the music day in day out. As I got older music started to become an unconscious instrument, depending on how I felt and what I wanted music became an amplifier. Something that (often) came as an unintended aftermath, was that I associate certain music with very specific moments or even entire stages of life. As soon as I hear even the first sounds of the songs, I feel teleported back to a different time, I feel the pain, the happiness, see loved ones or formerly loved ones in front of my eyes as if it had just happened.

Two weeks after arriving in the Land Down Under I had a boating accident of sorts, if I’m being completely honest I pretty much wanted to go home right away… I was miserable, I didn’t really have a place to be anywhere near comfortable…the crux of Australia is that it’s an island and the only two ways off the island are by plane or by boat…. And in both cases, I didn’t dare taking them. A normal car trip already felt like a century of adventure to me… I certainly won’t enjoy 30 hours on a plane or even weeks on a boat (especially after a boating accident!!).
Well, I more or less survived it, but for the very first time I used music as a conscious instrument. When I missed my sister, I blasted Machine Gun Kelly’s Rehab, was it my mom ran Abba in a continuous loop and was it my dad it was Alligatoah (somehow also quite funny regardiing Australia, right? 😉 ) rapping through the speakers. Obviously, it wasn’t nearly the same feeling, but for a few minutes I was home, surrounded by my loved ones, protected and comfortable… and like I said, I made it and music was a big part of it.