European Championship upcoming but does anybody feel the vibe this time? It feels pretty forced and nobody seems very pumped about these normally so amazing days. Honestly, I love football but neither am I excited about this whole thing, rather the opposite. So let’s change topic very quick: A few weeks ago, one of my favorite rappers released a new album (J. Cole Offseason, clear recommendation) and I started listening it all the bloody time. While doing sports, taking a shower, eating, driving, cycling even while I had friends around. As soon as I could play background music, I would start J. Cole…
My parents often enough told me stories about them cycling for hours to a friend just to listen to the newest Pink Floyd LP. Their friends worked for month to actually pay this particular one, out of a sudden they even were the most popular people around town because nobody else could either afford a record player and LP’s or they were just too hard to get. I always laughed but never really thought about what these stories actually tell me. A few days ago, I realized I never took time to actually sit down and do nothing else but listening to the words… feeling the music… following every instrument playing a part in this absurdly beautiful composition we call songs. Then I realized I never did… Ever since I was a teenager music has been abundant, almost overwhelmingly surrounding me. From youtube and mp3 players back in the days to apple music and spotify today. You can choose from a million different radios or playlists. In Sevilla they even played dirty minded reggaetón in pharmacies, like honestly who in this world does that?
Anyway, nowadays compared to my parents’ days everything became more abundant. There are millions of stimuli per day coming from everywhere, I can choose from 100000000000000 movies and series but end up watching the same 10 I have been watching all this time, just because there are just too many and I can’t decide.
Hence, I somehow envy my parents for having a “simpler life”, at the same time I don’t think it felt simple for them back in the days, nor does it pinpoint the point of the story: I think I should take more time.
Like let’s start right away, here’s a list take your time to read it thoroughly but as soon as you find something you like tell me. I think there are many new pearls in it. Side note: we have two new suppliers offering a wide but overlapping range of products. We were asked to anonymize their names and my more than creative father came up with their two new names: Crealias and Novalias. Please, when you have contact to my Dad please give him an applause for his creativity. Create+ Alias / Nova (new)+Alias. Just kidding this man is a legend.