Another month has passed… The resolution of the story is approaching. We had many creative and imaginative submissions. The truth was not guessed, but the answers did not lack imagination and colorful details. Some even questioned the imminent train ride. But I have to disappoint, it was a very exciting experience in any case. Due to lack of time, we stocked up at the station before the ride. Instant Noodles, in our minds were a very good idea. My stomach, however, was not on the same page… they call it Dehli Belly… At least I had been an even bigger celebrity for the rest of the train ride… everyone wanted a photo with the  one “who can’t even stand the water”. It was fun! 😉
But back to the actual revelation: if I’m honest, I wish I had logical and coherent answers for you. I can’t really explain the story myself. Most of the story is true, the only imaginative additions are the last sentences:
“Last week I contacted the hotel and tried to call his number, but my provider told me his number was inactive and the hotel never had anyone named Larry on its lines.”
The rest of the story happened exactly that way! I didn’t realize myself until two weeks later that something strange had happened. In the middle of the night, I started calling my friends to find an answer. At that time I had an Airbnb surrounded by subtropical rainforest. Sounds got louder, the darkness got a little tad darker. Out of sheer paranoia, I left the hallway light on that night… For a moment it was 1984
As I said, I can’t explain it. You maybe?