Do you know beyond belief: fact or fiction ?
Jonathan Frakes introduced his audience week after week to unbelievable, often enough even bizarre ghost stories. At the end of the show they reveal which stories are fiction and which are based on a real event. I used to watch it as a kid and honestly even for me back then, some stories had been too absurd to be true. In the end even the wildest fiction ended up being true.
Inspired by that show, I would like to play a game with you. I tell you a story, and you answer me
(a completely true, why?
(b some parts are fiction, which and why
(c all fiction, why?

Best answer submitted until end of this months wins a price.

To fully understand the story, a little background info: 2013-2015 I worked at a company called DEDON while having a side hustle in dealing with household products, mainly dishwashing tablets

All this happened a couple of weeks ago.
I was in Mumbai with one of my best friends Simon, waiting at our hotel lobby for our friend to arrive and bring us to the train station. We were about to go to Chennai by Train. 21 hours of ride ahead of us, excited but also a little scared what is going to happen we sat quietly next to each other. We only had brief interactions, both of us played on our phones, talking only for short moments, showing each other videos or the newest pink sheet. The lobby was gigantic, many sofas, lounge chairs, recliners, all in all heaps of free seats, even entire sitting areas were free to take, but this man out of aaaaaall the options, decided to sit with us. A second later he already started engaging us in conversations. He introduced himself as the the piano player, he asks whether we liked his music. Where we from, what we do and what are we about to do, he asked after we briefly answered his initial question. None of us really felt the vibe of the conversation, plus after a while of traveling we both felt the sleep deprivation kicking in as soon as we sat down. Out of pure politeness we responded, might have been only brief sentences but eh, we responded, right ?
He continued by telling us about his son who is living abroad and that he and his wife fight a lot because of it. This might be his last day working for this hotel. He got tired of it a while ago and just wants to make music again, he added. The conversation took some weird turns, but overall he seemed like a nice guy. Before leaving, he asked our names, whether we know a German song for him to play and said his name is Larry. We introduced ourselves and after a little while of guessing around we said “wind of change is by a German Band, That counts, right ?”
He left and almost simultaneously our friend arrived. After talking for a while, I heard wind of change playing in the background. I looked at Larry and he just smiled at me. I smiled back and continued talking to my friends. Only the almost intrinsic pre-leaving pee break left to do, and we good to go. On our way out, Larry signaled me to come. “Could you do me one favour ? Could we take a picture together ?”, he asked me friendly. „It might be my last day here so at least I have something to brighten my day.” he continued. “Of course” I responded and left to get Simon. With his phone in his hands Larry asked me whether I can take the picture since the quality of my camera was so much better. “You can send it to me” he added smiling. I tried to call my number with his phone but it didn’t work. So, he typed his digits in my phone. As soon as I called him, his display it up lit up showing a saved contact saying in German words “Lucas Dedon Geschirrspültabs”. (Dishwasher Tablet in English)
Simon and I were slightly confused, looking first at each other at then at Larry. “Caller ID” he responded quickly. We were already in a little hurry, so we said our farewells and left. I checked my phone and nowhere did I find this particular name neither contacts nor anything related. To check, I called multiple people and saw my phone number displayed on a variety of phones but it never showed anything but my number. Last week I contacted the hotel and tried calling his number, but my provider advised me that his number was inactive and the hotel never had anyone called Larry on their staff… who is Larry? An angel coming from a different time ? What do you think?
I give you one hint. I do have a picture of us three.